TREND: Be Bold in Blue

Some people believe that you can have too much of a good thing; however, when it comes to the color blue, I don’t think anyone can ever have enough. That is why I was so excited to hear that blue is one of the highlighted colors for Spring 2011. In fact, this spring features a wide range of blues: aqua, sky blue, and my personal favorite: navy.

I love navy because it is one of the most versatile colors. It can be worn with anything, with any other color, and at any time of the year. So when I saw this Fashionista drenched in navy, I instantly recognized it as the perfect in-between season color.

After all, this week’s heat wave has a lot of Fashionista’s fretting over what to wear, but this Fashionista recognized the slight change in temperature as an opportune time to break out her navy cargo jacket. Cargo jackets are one of the most practical items to purchase this spring. They are light weight, perfect for class, and they come in fabulous colors like this Fashionista’s navy blue. I recommend purchasing one of these cargo jackets from Nordstrom.

This Fashionista chose to pair her fabulous cargo jacket with a matching pair of navy corduroy pants. I am personally obsessed with these pants because of the wide flare at the bottom and the bow around the waste line. These two elements work together to make this pair of pants stand out. Not only am I in love with this pair of corduroys, but I am a fan of corduroys in general because they’re not only soft, they’re warm as well. This provides a perfect balance when you are wearing a lightweight cargo jacket like the one this Fashionista has on.

Corduroys are also a great item to have in your closet because they come in so many colors. Therefore, it is fun to find complementary accessories to complete your look. This Fashionista decided to pair her navy apparel with a baggy white shirt and a gray scarf. This gray scarf has a subtle blue tint, which ties together the entire outfit.

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