TREND: Be Playful

Due to the mix temperatures of fall in southern Arizona – cold to hot from morning to evening – we’ve seen a variety of outfits around campus lately – some fall-forward, while others are nostalgic for summer. Despite one’s choice of a sweater vs. tank top or bare legs vs. tights, students have been rather playful with their looks this week.

A glimpse of the fun is seen in the featured Fashionista’s outfit, dressed in an oversized tee with extra large text, ripped shorts, bootie sandals and a black fedora hat to top it all off. While this Fashionista may only have in store a day dedicated to classes, dressed in this casual but fun outfit, she’s ready for an evening out – whether it’s to a new restaurant or the State Fair.

Similar to the Fashionista’s outfit, any playful look involves mixing oversized garments (such as a loosely fitted T-shirt or sweater) with perfect-fitted ones (skinny jeans or leggings). A choice of extra bold accessories such as bangle bracelets or one too many chain necklaces are the right pick when you’re being playful with an outfit. Set aside your boundaries and take a risk. Whether it’s a funky hat, over-sized tee or a wrist full of bracelets, having fun with your outfit will prepare you for any type of school day- calm or adventurous. Fashionista/os, there’s no need to save your best look for the weekend when you can have eyes turning your way around campus all week.

Hint: This fall, over-sized items are in. Fashionistas, you’ll want to incorporate a loose-fitted knit sweater over a pair of leggings and a pair of rugged ankle boots. Fashionistos, try a blazer or jacket up top with a pair of non-traditional boots, such as ankle-high moccasins.

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