TREND: Beach Chic

When the workweek ends on Friday, New Yorkers flee from the city for their weekend getaway destinations. This is a trend that I have come to notice during my summer stay; getting away from the city heat is a cool weekend escape. This past weekend I traded in my heavily used metro card in exchange for my untouched sunscreen. Beach weekends are a popular choice for the short vacation, but fashion and trends still follow the New York City Fashionistas no matter the setting.

This Fashionista’s outfit worked perfectly as an easy beach cover up as well as a casual barbeque ensemble. A crisp white maxi dress is not only effortless, but also quite flattering to a new sun kissed glow. A practical and trendy accessory for the beach is the woven hat that this Fashionista is wearing. There is something so retro about her hat that makes the outfit that much more chic. A beach hat will not only protect your face from the harsh rays, but also provide another accessory for the little bikini sported on the beach.

Hint: For trendy summertime beach attire like this Fashionista’s, try this Club Monaco maxi dress. Another option is a looser '70s peasant style, like this Ella Moss maxi. For a retro hat similar to the one seen here, try this Urban Outfitters floppy canvas style. If you are looking for another accessory to amp up your beach attire, experiment with a funky pair of sunglasses like this Karen Walker two-toned style. While weekend getaways are relaxing and fun, take this opportunity to be creative and express your inner beach goddess.

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