TREND: Beanie Bonanza

Now that the leaves have fallen from the trees and the clouds have filled with rain and snow has suffocated the sun, Morgantown has become quite a dreary town. Although the weather is inevitably going to make every task a treacherous challenge for the next six months of West Virginia’s winter season, fashion will never give up on the souls who thrive and survive on the brilliance of style. Challenging weather will never clog the creative outlet of any Style Guru. In fact, this is the time when Style Guru’s surpass the mainstream and become the trendsetters for the season.

Before slipping into your oversized rugged sweatshirt and frumpy sweatpants in search of comfort on a rainy and cold day, take a look at this CollegeFashionisto’s style. His ensemble is incredibly comfortable and warm without looking like he just rolled out of bed. Perhaps he did just roll out of bed but his campus peers will never know from the looks of the urban outfit that he has displayed.

Filling your closet with classic items like flannel shirts, fleece jackets and faded denim jeans will make the process of getting dressed a piece of cake. You will no longer waste your time starring into your closet that resembles an abyss as long as you throw out the items you have not worn in over six months and make room for your trendsetting attire just as this CollegeFashionisto has done.

One simple trick to adding interest to a comfortable winter outfit is wearing a beanie cap. Winter is the perfect time for Fashionistos to get away with wearing a hat. Being as it is actually cold in the mountains of West Virginia, it is most often necessary to wear a hat to keep from freezing to death.

The oversized beanie is a popular trend right now that is being worn by an array of celebrities. However, this CollegeFashionisto is in the spotlight at WVU for demonstrating his ensemble that has been taken up a notch by the wearing of his beanie. This hat is a style staple that is great for a casual look and becomes a man’s lifesaver when the winter weather becomes dominating.

Oversized, cable knits and textured beanies are all fashionable styles to choose from to create a comfortable chic look. Do not let the weather control your head! Invest in a stylish winter hat to keep your style in tact and never give up on your pal, Fashion.

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