TREND: Beyond the Petticoat

Whether your home for Thanksgiving or like Turkey and gravy is not the real question this season. The real question is: what are you thankful for?  As College Fashionistas, I'm sure we can all say we are thankful for fashion. This year, show absolutely how thankful you are by expressing your own style and decorating yourself in the season's finest! This Fashionista knows how to pair subtle with vivid in order to create a perfect holiday color palette. I love the red tights (and colored tights in general), as well as the tightly-fitted, cream-colored blazer paired with a simple patterned skirt. Also, when you get tired of rocking the UGGs, try pulling out a fave pair of cowboy boots to complete your outfit! Get colored tights here. And for an adorable blazer that will be an investment for the holidays, try this Aubin and Wills wool blazer. To add a little sparkle to this holidays try this fabulous blazer. And be sure to  add cowboy boots and riding boots to your wishlist this year – they will never go out of style!


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