TREND: Big and Bold Prints for Spring

Now that the cold and dreary weather is finally behind us, there is no better way to celebrate the warmth and happiness that is synonymous with springtime than to wear bright and oversized prints of flowers and fruits. To some, it may seem a little redundant that amidst this time of blooming nature one would choose to reflect a similar image on their garments but on the contrary: wearing bright images of flowers is a great way to celebrate the weather, and for the most high maintenance of Fashionistas to get in touch with their sense of nature. Many notable designers played up this trend in their spring/summer 2011 collections such as Stella McCartney and Prada’s use of fruit print, as well as Jil Sander and D&G’s choice of bold floral prints.

This Fashionista was spotted on her way home from her first day of her internship in New York City. She dressed up a cotton tank dress in a bright-red floral print by accessorizing with a taupe-colored belt made out of leather. This nautural shade is also very popular for this summer. In order to make the dress and belt cohesive, she bravely donned a pair of sky-high wedges with black patent leather straps and a tan colored heel. She topped off her ensemble with a vintage black leather satchel which is perfect for a city girl on the go.

Hint: It is very easy to obtain this Fashionista’s look. There are many websites such as Shopbop and Topshop which have caught on to the trend and even have a category for all things floral. For the frugal Fashionista, Forever 21 has an array of cute printed dresses all under $30. For those with wedge envy, Jeffery Campbell has a great collection of wedges for summer in all different colors, shapes and materials. To accentuate this look, brightly colored floral and fruity printed dresses look great with a chambray denim button down over it which will help to stay comfortable during the occasional windy summer night.

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