TREND: Pool Ready

The summer heat is a great time to hit the river, pool, or lake for the day. Either your relaxing with your friends or family, summertime means you're going to be near a large body of water for a bulk of the time. But what do you wear to the river, pool, or lake? I suggest strapping on your favorite bikini, grabing your sunblock, and throwing on your bikini coverup. You may be thinking you're not "bikini ready" or you don't have that summer glow you wanted. I recommend getting a VersaSpa sunless tan or using Jergen's natural glow suntanning lotion. It will give you a real summer glow without the "orange" tint. VersaSpa is available at many local tanning salons, for Eugene, it would be Sunsational Tanning. Also, I suggest that you shower before using the products because it will decrease the risk of streaking or fading off before your favorite summer activities. It's also fast and easy to use.

For myself, I like to leave the house with the essentials: bikini, hat, sunglasses, sandals, and an easy-to-pull-over dress. These sundresses can be versatile, you can wear them during the day at the pool and at nightime bonfires. Lately, my favorite dresses have been Mimi Chica because they are colorful, vibrant, and a guarenteed attention-grabber. You can also choose to leave the house with some foldover shorts & tanktop, sundress, etc. My newly favorite line of swimsuits are Victoria's Secret, they offer many different types of bikinis that fit for every body shape. I highly recommend checking out they're line of swimwear and coverups. This week I have noticed a lot of Fashionistas wearing sundresses and long tube tops to cover up before laying by the pool. Depending on your skin tone, I recommend using pastels or vibrant colors because it will show off your tan.

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