TREND: Billowy Sleeves for a Breezy Day

On a warm September day, billowy sleeves stand out among a sea of bare shoulders. While we often reach for tank tops on warm days, long sleeves, if done right, can be just as delightful in the heat. Often times, these type of sleeves are synonymous with a lightweight fabric, like chiffon. At the base of the sleeve are slender cuffs, which create a more voluminous effect. Billowy sleeves add an element of effortless grace to any outfit. Who wouldn’t want that? This Fashionista wears her chiffon top with a pair of denim shorts, ballet flats and a great pair of dark-lens aviators. Her top is unique because the blue and white print is reminiscent of patterned porcelain dishes and vases. The print gives the top more of an antique feel and really makes it stand out. While this Fashionista’s ensemble is daytime-casual, it could easily go into nighttime. Pair a chiffon top with billowy sleeves with dark skinny jeans, or tuck it into a cute black mini skirt and heels. While the temperature starts to drop, billowy sleeves are a brilliant solution. Longer sleeves act as a small obstacle between you and those colder breezes, but are not restricting in the heat. When the heat is no longer a problem, don’t put away your billowy sleeves. These sleeves give an airy and feminine touch to any outfit, which creates a great contrast with heavier winter fabrics, like wools and knits. Even when the light breeze turns into a cold wind, wear your beautiful billowy sleeves, except maybe don’t let them catch too much wind.

Hint: Looking for tops with these kind of sleeves? Check out some of Patterson J. Kincaid’s tops. This ‘Egyptian Tunic Top’ has a an exotic print, as well as comes in a beautiful fall neutral color: brown. You could always jazz this top up with a colorful tank top underneath or fancy footwear. If prints are not your favorite, Kincaid has the same top in solid colors.

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