TREND: Black Coating

Fall is here; the leaves are drifting to the ground and the weather is crisp. Many fashionable Fordhamites have begun to dig out their cozier clothes and layer up for the season. I spotted one inspiring trendsetter striding across campus and was immediately stricken by her cool contrasting couture, with pieces crisp enough to match the weather! This Fashionista sports a menswear-inspired coat with a throwback feminine frame. The coat comes in slightly at the waist then flows back out toward the bottom with subtle yet stylish pleats. The double-breasted jacket looks professional and is perfect for trekking cross-campus to work or class. She keeps it simple and tasteful with a sleek black dress underneath and a practical pair of sheer black pantyhose. Her black flats are comfortable and chic by daytime while her long, dainty, black and gold necklace adds a girly touch to her garments. Finally, this Fashionista adds a wow-factor with a firebrick patent leather shoulder bag. By wearing all black, she keeps the focus on the shapes and silhouettes of her attire, drawing attention to all the minor details.  This also allows her fabulous tote to pop against the blackout backdrop.

To take this look into the nighttime, she could swap out the modest black dress for something slightly more low-cut to add some classy seduction.  She could then remove the tights and flats and opt for a pair of sky-high stilettos in a stunning color.  She could also carry a petite black clutch in place of her tote bag.  These trade-offs would keep the silhouette the same while showing off a bit more skin and still adding that splash of color with the shoes.

I love how chic and clean this Fashionista's look is. She truly demonstrates the power and adaptability of one good fall coat. If you have a staple coat such as this, try mixing and matching garments, shoes, and accessories to take it from day to night. If you don't have a great coat like this one yet, don't worry because you can find a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and brands at department stores such as Bloomingdales and Nordstrom!

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