TREND: Black is Never Too Much

Have you ever wondered why the color black is a staple item in everyone’s wardrobe? Take a second to think about how appealing black looks when it is the primary color of the entire outfit. One of my favorite attributes when it comes to the color black is that it allows Fashionista/os to look visibly slimmer and appear to shrink in size. It doesn’t matter whether the season is spring or winter or whether you live in Tokyo or Bloomington, the color black is a timeless and stylish piece. The absence of color allows it to be matched with just about any other color in the spectrum.

The color black itself emits self-confidence and authority when you are walking down the street, which allows for those double-takes from passersby. Taking another look at this Fashionista’s outfit is exactly what I did while walking on campus. The majority of her outfit revolves around the color black and couldn’t look better. Pairing a dark floral is perfect for fall especially one with a bold print, like this graphic dress. Pairing any dress with a pair of tights this season is a must because it adds an accessorized look in a flash. But she didn’t stop there with the black attire.

It is finally starting to cool down a bit and the art of layering will become a necessity. So, pairing a simple black cardigan on top of the dress kept her warm but trendy. If you don’t want to dress up with heels around campus, slip on a pair of similar tennis shoes or a pair of oxfords to add a casual but chic vibe. Breaking up that continuity of black is key in a monotone outfit, so wear colorful accessories or a bold print skirt to keep from looking like you are attending a funeral.

Hint: Remember, the next time you are cleaning out your closet, almost anything black can be re-used from season to season. So don’t throw away basic black t-shirts, tops, pants, or sweaters because they will remain “in” for seasons to come.

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