TREND: Black and Red

When it comes to basics, black is back. Well, it never really left, and thank goodness. You are sure to find black garments and accessories every Fashion Week because it is always in style, but sometimes the basics need to be freshened up. With fall weather creeping up, so are all of the dark items in our closet. The best way of jazzing up your great basics are with pops of bold color, like a black and red ensemble. The two colors together are intense and definitely striking. Not many Fashionistas would wear bright red Bermuda shorts, but this Fashionista wears them flawlessly. Her slouchy off-the-shoulder tee is slightly tucked into her fitted shorts, and another splash of red is seen in her striped TOMS. She completes her outfit with a cute silver necklace and an amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs satchel. Her outfit is comfortable and practical for class, yet still fashionable. Another stylish way to incorporate red, or any color, into a black outfit is with some beautiful shoes – whatever works for you and that you have at your disposal. At the end of the day, what’s in fashion is being confident. That is one trend that is never out of style. So when going out for Fashion Week or hanging out in between classes, stick to what you love and makes you feel great, even if that means just a little bit of color here and there.

Hint: Be creative with color combinations, but be careful. When going bold with colors, don’t get too crazy. When bright colors are used as accents to spruce up a basic outfit, they are visually powerful. Too many at one time is overwhelming and can be slightly like a costume. Unless that is your intended aesthetic, think twice before the hot pink shorts and lime green V-neck.

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