TREND: Bleed Buff and Blue

As the first round of exams and essays are due, it is official – classes are back in full swing and the semester is only going to get busier. Campus is buzzing as organizations get underway once again. With all of the various activities happening around campus come the energetic attitudes of students, and many are sporting “PR T-shirts” to publicize their particular organization or to just show off school spirit. During this first month of school one trend is beginning to emerge and become ever so popular – mixing school themed apparel with preppy clothing. Instead of throwing on a GW themed T-shirt with a pair of gym shorts and heading to class, people are combining it with a cleaner pair of khakis and loafers. This Fashionisto idealizes a new means of showing off pride – without the graphic tee, but still equally as trendy and school spirited. This laid back outfit bleeds buff and blue and since the yellow pops it is hard to miss him walking past. His bright hues grabbed my attention almost the same way a GW T-shirt would. Paired with a blue T-shirt this makes the ideal combination for a George Washington themed outfit, even if it might not have been intentional because, let’s be honest, the colors just work together. So whether you’re trying to be school spirited, fashionable or both, try coupling some yellow and blue items to create the ultimate GW ensemble.

Hint: As the temperature drops, stay spirited with these yellow corduroys, which can be easily matched with a neutral top when not in the mood to sport school colors.  Also, try to venture away from a simple blue T-shirt and experiment with this cardigan, which can be worn in a variety of ways. 

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