TREND: Bohemian Meets Casual Chic

As the sun’s rays lifted today’s temperature, with it the spirit of the students rose as well. I can definitely see a direct correlation between the moods of students and the weather on any given day, and it is truly amazing what a little bit of sunlight can do to lift the overall feel of campus. This week in particular has been extra stressful with midterms looming over our heads, while trying to push through for the prize at the end of the week: spring break. The sunny weather invites people outside to take a breather from their designated study spot, which is exactly what I was doing when I spotted this Fashionista strolling by. As the wind blew, her long vest flew about, catching my eye. Cropped in the back and below her knees in the front, the vest embodies simplicity with a bohemian twist. It reminds me of the similar styles of sweaters that Mary Kate Olsen can be spotted wearing with the long, flowing fringe in the front. However, this vest is a bit more refined and clean-cut than those that can be seen on Mary Kate, which is why I like it. Pairing it with a striped, light weight button-up makes it an easy outfit to throw on, and it accomplishes the “causal chic” look.

Hint: To experiment with the long sweater vest, get this Fashionista’s exact one on Shopbop and finish it off with a wide, statement leather belt.

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