TREND: Bold in Brights

…Red or black? Red or black? How many times have you decided to purchase a basic piece of clothing in a normal neutral hue–such as black—instead of that same piece in risky red or eye-catching orange? This is a situation that rings true in the minds of many. While the mental mix-ups we encounter when facing the “color dilemma” are certainly not far and few between, this Fashionista demonstrates the reason why each and every one of us should ditch the drab and harbor a much more exciting hue this winter. Bold hues are the perfect way to brighten up your wardrobe this winter, and this Fashionista’s outfit radiates with color. While, yes, her bold outerwear accessories are eye-catching—this Fashionista shows us that it is also super chic to pair these bold items with neutrals, and that pairing more than one bold accessory with another (gasp) can truly make your “clothes” into an “outfit”.

So, be bold and brighten up the dreary winter months with accessories that stand out and make a statement. Afraid of color? Start by wearing jewel-tones. They are slightly milder than the classic in-your-face hues, yet still maintain the intense effect of the brighter bold colors. This Fashionista lets her outerwear speak for itself by pairing her eye-catching coral peacoat with her simple denim skinny jeans and basic taupe boots. By throwing on a bright yellow scarf and pairing more than one bold item with another, this Fashionista makes her outfit one-of-a-kind and unique. Wearing color is a surprisingly scary thought for many people of all ages, so start off small. Using bold accessories provides the perfect opportunity for each of us to face a silly fear and create a look that stands out among the rest. 

Hint: This trend not only applies to clothing and accessories, but can also be applied to makeup. Play up one feature, like your cheeks or lips, with a hue that is brighter than you normally would. This creates a look that is subtler than incorporating brights into your wardrobe, but still one that is fun and influential.

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