TREND: Bold Outerwear

Struggling to find a new winter coat? The classics are always a good place to start. A structured wool coat in a neutral color will get you from point A to point B this winter. But, if you are looking to for a little more excitement, try swapping that neutral palate for a bold pattern. This Fashionista caught my eye with her navy and cream large print plaid jacket. While the heavy wool and classic details suggest a timeless sensibility, the bold pattern is all her own. I especially like the unique construction details such as the oval cutout in the middle—it creates some great visual interest.

As I’m sure you know, the must-have pattern for fall 2010 is leopard. As a child I had a weird preoccupation will all things leopard print. So, as you can image, I am more than happy to take part in this trend. In keeping with the above-mentioned theme of bold outerwear, I have been on the hunt for something leopard. Since leopard can easily become tacky, I decided to start my search with a reputable designer and use that inspiration to find something more affordable. I fell in love with this leopard silk chiffon scarf from Alexander McQueen. With my inspiration in mind, I scoured the Internet until I found this suitable substitute from the Jessica Simpson Collection at Macy’s. With a savings of over $400, this is a shopping tactic that I would recommend to any college kid.

Hint: Try Urban Outfitters for a seemingly endless supply of on-trend outerwear. 

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