TREND: Bootin’ Tootin’

As the popularity of the Ugg boot continues to rise, it seems as if the number of college students that wear other types of boots is declining. Although the infamous "Ugg" is comfortable, warm and looks good with most jeans, there are many other cute boot options too!

In the south, seeing Fashionistas wear cowboy boots is almost as normal as wearing Ugg boots in New York. Even though cowboy boots are often compared to southern country living, they can easily be worn to spice up any outfit in a big city setting. This Fashionista has done just that. She has coordinated her brown sweater and scarf ensemble with her worn brown leather cowboy boots. The embossed detail on her boots are also an elegant compliment to the brown "zebra" scarf she is wearing. One thing I especially love about this outfit is the color scheme. She uses the brown boots to set the tone for the rest of her outfit.  Neutral tones, which complement her skin, also make it easier for her to add new colors. For example, if she wanted to finish off her ensemble with a bright contrasting color, she could add a headband or a belt. All-in-all, cowboy boots are a nice alternative if you want to be unique. They are great because they go well with just about any outfit!

Hint: If you do not live in a typically warm climate are worried about warmth, try wearing thicker socks with your cowboy boots. They'll keep your feet warm and cushioned on those long winter days!

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