TREND: Boots n’ Rally

It was just another workday morning when I encountered my second Fashionista worthy of a trend report in the local Starbucks. Her outfit’s color palate perfectly complimented her beautiful and rare redhead of hair and cherub skin tone. Quite pale myself, I always try to take note when seeing a color that truly complements light skin. I will never forget a scarring incident in Victoria’s Secret a few years ago when I inquired to a sales girl what light-colored bathing suit would look best with pale skin, and she responded, “You should probably just stick to black”. Since then, I have started a brigade to ensure all fellow light-skin Fashionistas that we too can wear light colors, it just takes the right attitude.

This Fashionista stuck to a neutral color palate, which is great for summer. The natural color of her blouse from the Loft complemented her dark brown Rampage booties and taupe leather Sabina satchel, which was all offset by a pair of light-faded denim cut offs by Guess. By wearing colors that are all in the same family, she looked fresh rather than washed-out. My favorite part of this Fashionista’s outfit has to be the booties. The key with wearing boots in the summer is to make sure they are the perfect height; these boots barely skim up her calf, making her legs look long and graceful in her shorts. Although it was nearly 11 am, this Fashionista’s outfit has the longevity to be worn throughout the day and even through to the night. 

Hint: For great leather booties than can be worn for the remainder of summer and through to the fall, check out Isabel Marant’s fall 2011 collection, and for the thrifty Fashionista, Steve Madden does their own take on the higher-end shoes. For those fair-skinned beauties looking for cute tops in neutral colors, check out either James Perse or Equipment, both labels are known for great summer button downs in greyish green shades.

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