TREND: Boys Accessorize, Too

A necklace, pair of earrings, headband or purse is what often comes to mind when I think of accessorizing. What typically doesn’t come to mind is a tie, briefcase or hat. But this week I was reminded that those small details of an outfit – accessories, as we call them – are apart of both male and female outfits. That’s right – boys accessorize, too, and they do it so well.

If we look at this Fashionisto’s outfit and notice his accessories, we see how small hints of detail go a long way. Hats and sunglasses aren’t simply useful for blocking the sun – they’re excellent ways to accessorize. You should be loud when it comes to these two pieces: the bigger, the better. This Fashionisto is accessorizing with a modern fedora from Quicksilver and wayfarer-style sunglasses from Express. His classic paisley tie in navy complements the sunshine yellow of his shirt, which he ruffled at the sleeves to fit above his elbow – a nice touch that will help set him apart from gentlemen in similar attire. Although his socks weren’t visible, when I asked to get a snap shot of his brown oxford shoes, which he scored on, I was pleased to see another hint of detail: argyle socks. We should hand it to him Fashionistas – this Fashionisto is really rocking from head to toe.

Remember – when it comes to accessories, think of small details that'll make your outfit unique. They say the little things are what matter most right?

Hint: On days when you are struggling deciding what to wear, try focusing on an accessory, and then build your outfit around it. This works perfect when you’re trying to change up an outfit you feel you’ve worn too frequent. Wear a bright colored jewel or unique pattern tie and it’ll create a whole new look.

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