TREND: Break Rules and Look Great Doing it

Growing up, I was always told that wearing white bottoms, white dresses, or white shoes after Labor Day was a fashion faux pas. Now that I am certain there is no “Fashion Police” that will ticket me for violations, I know I will not be eliminating whites from my wardrobe because of the day on the calendar.

Whether or not you will be wearing white from the waist down after Labor Day, I thought this Fashionista’s look was one that would make anyone want to be bold enough to break the rules after the long weekend. Her J.Crew skinny jeans in white denim were rolled up a little bit above her ankles to show off her metallic Sperry boat shoes, which I thought was a great choice. Picking a shoe like these over sandals helps carry this look into fall. Another reason why the white is so effective with this outfit is because it makes her Free People shirt really pops. The top is filled with fantastic blue, green, and purple patterning that would be lost if worn with blue jeans. Adding the skinny gold belt helped bring the look together as it incorporated her boat shoes and the gold details and threading in her shirt as well as framed her top by separating it from the bottoms.

Hint: Break Rules! If you feel great in what you’re wearing, and put together separates that compliment the final look as a whole, as this Fashionista did, people will be less concerned about if it’s after September 6th and more concerned about where they can get what you’re wearing. Check out how this Fashionista at the University of Maryland wore white for more ideas.

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