TREND: Bright Eyed for Back to School

As fall arrives and classes start up again you have to make the smooth transition from summer sundresses to autumn jackets. And even though your beachy bronze is fading, your outfit hues don’t have to.

This Fashionista really makes use of her summer wardrobe by donning a brightly patterned top. With a pair of shorts, she could fully embrace the warm weather; however, as back-to-school time nears, she and her outfits need to adapt to these seasonal changes. By layering the silk tank with a light grey boyfriend-style cardigan, she tones down the brightness without creating too harsh of a contrast. Her high-waisted skirt adds a darker tone, yet doesn’t give her the bulk of winter wear. Finally, she accessorizes with a two-tone multi-chain necklace, a huge trend for this upcoming season.

The best part about this look: you don’t have to wait a year to wear your summer sale purchases! If anyone can understand the irresistibility of a sale item, it’s me. Reason is the last thing on your mind when you’re staring at a rack of beautiful, bright summer tops at 30% off, even on the brink of fall. I can just imagine the excuses: April is just around the corner, or you never know when you’ll need a sundress in the dead of winter. Layering is key when it comes to incorporating these bargains into your autumn ensembles. This lightweight cardigan provides the appropriate coverage as the temperatures drop, and it won’t conflict with the light fabrics of warm-weathered clothing. For bottoms, try this skirt; any color would be perfect for balancing out the brights of summer, and its shape flatters any body type.

Hint: Not ready for long-sleeves? Try a sleeveless cardigan, such as this one.

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