TREND: Bright, Patterned and Warm All Over

I give this Fashionista an immense amount of credit. The day I spotted her stylishly prowling Commonwealth Avenue, the temperature stubbornly lingered at zero degrees. Most students used the chilling temperature as an excuse to layer jeans with long underwear and to stack sweatshirts beneath their thigh length puffer jackets – hardly runway worthy. On the other hand, this Fashionista found a way to make cold look cool.

Her red coat is not only insulating, but it brightens up the most frigid of days. Beneath it, she wears a warm tribal print sweater, a pattern every girl should own this season. Here are some of my current favorite tribal print items:

1. Tribal Boucle Sweater from Forever 21 is a great steal.
2. Bordered Bolts Skirt from Anthropologie would look great with black tights and boots.
3. House of Harlow 1960 Tribal Wrap Ring adds funky flair to any outfit.

Delving deeper into her ensemble, she layers the sweater over a basic long sleeved shirt and tank top. On bottom she wears thick black leggings and knee high black boots, balancing out the busyness of the rest of her outfit.

What really pulls this look together are the accessories. This Fashionista is spot on with her oversized shoulder bag and purple Ray-Ban sunglasses; they add bold, unexpected pops of color to an already vibrant outfit. And the outfit’s crowning, ear-warming glory? Her fur trimmed hat, of course.

Don’t let freezing cold temperatures hinder your style. If anything, let them inspire you to layer in ways you wouldn’t have thought of before. Bright, patterned, fur – it’s all fabulous. Bundle up, for fashion’s sake!

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