TREND: Brighten Up a Rainy Day

Figures that every day that I had my camera on me, the weather outside was horrendous. It’s as if Boston decided to skip autumn and go directly from summer to winter. Overcast with drizzles seems to be Beantown’s forecast of choice.

However, gray skies and rainstorms don’t stop Boston University Fashionistas from looking classic and cool. Rainboots of the Hunter variety stomp puddles all over campus. While many choose practicality over style by pairing theirs with utilitarian rain jackets, some opt for stylish blazers that aren’t exactly of the waterproof variety.

This Fashionista looks effortless and comfortable for class and is definitely equipped to brave the outdoor elements in staples every BU girl should own. An equestrian-inspired androgynous blazer looks cool over a vintage t-shirt. “This shirt was my grandpa’s!” she exclaimed when I asked her where she got it. Hunter green rain boots are neutral without being boring, and leggings are the obvious choice for maximum coziness.

In order for her outfit to remain dry in a downpour, she should invest in a trendy umbrella. Forget your standard, solid-colored one: spring for a more vibrant option, like a fun pattern or timeless plaid. Once it gets a little colder outside, an swapping the blazer for an actual rain jacket will be necessary. Try to find a chic trench-style, and look for unique details like well-placed ruffles. In addition to the umbrella and jacket, if you aren’t feeling the basic Hunter boot, opt for the textured variety designed by Jimmy Choo and insulate them with animal print socks.

Even when the sky is cloudy, you can brighten your day with a classic, stylish outfit.

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