TREND: Brighten Up With Bold Accessories

As exams come to an end and students begin to head home, the feeling that it is summer finally starts to kick in. However, this year there is one little thing that seems to be missing to complete that “summer” feeling: the weather. Last year when we finished exams the temperature was in the mid to high 80°s and consistently sunny, but this year things aren’t the same. With temperatures one day being in the 60°s the notion of summer is hard to fully grasp. This cool day, my first day of summer, I spent walking through Georgetown and spotted this trendy Fashionista. The first thing I spotted was obviously her scarf. As a scarf fanatic myself I always look for new ways to wear them and I love the way she choose a bright, vibrant scarf to make her outfit more summer appropriate. Usually I try to choose a scarf that has similar colors to my outfit to compliment it, but I am inspired here by her bold move of choosing a scarf that makes more of a statement rather than blend in with the rest of the outfit. As for the rest of her outfit, her layering of the green underneath the camel adds in a bit more character to the outfit and is ideal just incase the temperature does decide to rise a little. 

An outfit like this can be easily duplicated to work in warmer weather. This year I have been a big fan of shorts or skirt paired with a lightweight, over sized sweater. Her camel shirt here would work perfectly with a pair of black jeans shorts and if you are bold enough, the combat boots would even work as well.

Hint: Try any of these scarves, which come in a wide variety of colors to brighten up an outfit. Also, for those cool summer days throw a loose knit sweater, like this one, over a pair of shorts or skirt to adjust to the temperature.

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