TREND: Brilliant Blazers

Blazers are nothing new in the world of fashion; they come in a variety of styles nowadays and are worn by many. However, strolling around GW’s campus on any given afternoon, you are most likely not going to find many guys sporting one. To be honest, I don’t know why not; they’re refined and make any outfit look that much better. No matter what season it is, a blazer can be thrown on, and it will make a great outfit. Today, this Fashionisto caught my eye; one, because he was wearing a blazer amongst a sea of various parkas and down jackets and also because of his overall laid-back, yet distinguished look. Take away his blazer and he would be wearing a zip-up hoodie over a cardigan and oxford, but with the blazer, it gives even a college student that polished finish. Each layer is important though, because unfortunately, spring is not yet upon us and with the fierce winds, the temperature has come down quite a bit. As for the rest of his outfit, the gray chinos were an ideal match, rather than throwing on jeans or even a tan colored pair of chinos. The gray subtly ties in with the pinstripes on his blazer and keeps his look unique. Add in his thick rimmed glasses, leather messenger bag and lace-up shoes, and there’s an outfit not many guys at GW put on every morning.

Hint: Whether you’re a Fashionisto or Fashionista my advice to you this week is to try this refined look with a blazer. Guys – check out this vintage looking blazer from AllSaints, which is guaranteed to work with many outfits. Girls – if you already own a black blazer, try this nude colored one, which will transition perfectly into spring.

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