TREND: Bundle Up Wisely

It’s time to buckle down and start studying, for finals have arrived, accompanied by the much-anticipated cold front. In just one day the temperature has fluctuated so much that I had to go home and change jackets three times – but maybe that’s just me, my indecisiveness and always wanting to be the right temperature. However, walking around campus is one story, while parking it in Gelman for the evening is a completely different one. Many say that the climate in Gelman is unique to any other building on campus – and not in a good way. As you make your way to your designated study spot, whether it be the back of the 4th floor stacks or the cubicles on the 3rd floor, there is always an unwelcoming wall of heat as you enter. Because of this dramatic deviation in temperature compared to outside, it is vital that layers are worn. This Fashionista is wisely wearing three layers, her leather jacket, cardigan, and tank top underneath. She complements the outfit with a patterned scarf, which not only brings a vibrant aspect to the outfit but also allows her to adjust to Gelman’s climate more precisely. This way when the hours dwindle on and the cardigan is too much to handle, her lone tank top won’t feel as bare when accompanied by the scarf. As for her bottom half, the loose fit, dark wash jeans complement the hues of the overall outfit and won’t cause discomfort when sitting for hours on end. Lastly, her moccasins – a popular go to item for many when going to the library for they provide the comfort of the slipper without lacking style. All of her pieces combined create the ideal, effortless go-to outfit for when heading to Gelman.

Hint: Minnetonka moccasins. Even though they may be seen around campus quite often, I still advise getting a pair – they’re cute, cheap, comfortable and easy to thrown on with any outfit. I own a pair and wore them to death last year to the library and they even came out with more colors so you can deviate from the widely worn brown. As for scarves, I do believe that they are the ideal accessory to bring to the library to throw over your shoulders if you ever do get chilly, yet a layer that can be shed to regulate your body temperature. A simple, oversized scarf is ideal – try one from SCARFSHOP and go for a color that makes a bit of a statement. So, get smart with what you wear and with what you study to prep for your exams in the coming weeks.

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