TREND: Business Casual

“The ability and freedom to portray confidence, keep a cool aura and remain calm and collected, no matter the occasion,” is how this Fashionisto responded when I asked what style meant to him, “you’re showing yourself off, so have fun with what you wear!” I completely agree with our Fashionisto. What you wear is a representation of who you are.

When I spotted this Fashionisto, I immediately thought how successful he mixed business casual with a playful touch, incorporating skinny jeans with intricate details, such as his colorful pocket square with an ascot-styled scarf. It’s like Mad Men meeting 2010. Rarely, do I run into someone who wears an ascot so well, especially at his age! I also loved how he combined his loafers with his rolled up jeans. Under his blazer, he wore a sleeveless cardigan that complimented the blazer. There were so many small details in his outfit; I love how he didn’t tuck in his button shirt, which gave a collegiate feeling to his overall look.

What I admire most about this photo is his composure, referring back to his quote, “remain calm and collected” is exactly how he appears. Style is not only about dressing effortlessly; it’s also the way you compose yourself. This Fashionisto seemed so naturally chic. Style seemed second nature to him.

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