TREND: Business Casual is Always in Style

You know the saying that goes, “you never know who you’re going to run into, so you should always look your best”? We should live by it.

Rolling out of bed five minutes before class sounds like fun, but what if in your commute to class, while wearing your favorite plaid pajamas, you run into a potential employer or student coordinator you’ve been dying to work with. Always feeling confident in an outfit that anyone would take you seriously in is important even for us as students.

This past weekend I caught up on the latest dos and don’ts from Glamour magazine. One key piece of advice that stood out to me that I’d like to share with fellow Fashionistas/os is that whether we’d like to admit it or not, our educators and peers are looking at us. I mean, they’re actually observing how we compose ourselves, from the strands of our hair to the length of our fingernails. While it’s not necessary to walk around in a Gucci suit and tie or look like we’re re-living our prom, a trend that’s always in style is business casual.
Stores like J. Crew, New York & Company, The Limited and Gap offer a variety of crisp, comfortable pieces for budgets even students can’t deny. Think of Lauren Conrad in the episodes of the Hills while she attended FIDM – always dressed professional yet fun. She made the boyfriend blazer with jeans infamous.

A perfect example of looking business casual around campus is this week’s featured Fashionista, dressed in a blue denim blouse and a black denim skirt – an excellent pair because despite the similarity of material, the tones complement each other. The one-layer pearl necklace worn by the Fashionista adds that extra style needed to pull a simple outfit together – a clean and pretty look all around.

Hint: Ladies, try throwing a black or khaki blazer over your sundress. Instead of a plain tee, try a solid color blouse with more volume. Gentlemen, switch the flip-flops for some clean sneakers. Try pairing your favorite white tee with a sweater vest.

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