TREND: Camera Obscura

I have been asked, “Maya, what is your favorite accessory for fall?” It’s a stunning question, really, seeing as I have no idea how to accessorize at all. Shoes, I understand. Belts, sure. But handbags and jewelry? We don’t always understand one another. But back to that question. I have an answer.

Since signing on as a Style Guru I have embraced my Canon Powershot digital camera. It’s nothing great, but it does the job, and I have relied on it for some of my best shots. My favorite accessory for the season, I discovered while shooting this week’s Fashionista, is my camera. Her vintage leather Leica camera holder was, to me, an ingenious carrier for a small camera, or any number of things; cell phone, wallet, and lip balm, for example.

Staying on trend, Ms. Fashionista wore a black wide-collared nautical romper, a bright yellow belt with whimsical white piping, and pink leather flats. Well-equipped for the transitional season to come, she donned cream embroidered tights attached with three sweet, dainty pom-poms.

This Fashionista beautifully utilized a few of my favorite trends of the summer. Bright, unique belts, leg wear, and the nautical theme are a few of my favorite things and I am happy to see that they are just as applicable for the coming fall season as they were in the sweltering summer months.

Hint: Want to transition your summer rompers into autumn elegance? Add a few pairs of tights, like our Fashionista’s with pom-pom adornment, from by Hansel by Basel. And don’t worry. You can get your hands on a Leica leather carrier too. Trust me. I did! Browse Etsy’s Vintage finds for your own. Remember, the most chic accessory of all is a camera. Snap photos of the fashion-forward around your campus for inspiration every day.

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