TREND: Campus as the New Lincoln Center

Maybe you don’t have front row seats to a show at New York’s Fashion Week this year or a fabulous after party to attend. And maybe you aren’t a 5’11” model wearing fantastic designer clothing down the runway. None of this should hold you back from getting fancied up on your way out the door. Make the streets of your college campus your catwalk and go all out for no reason. Redefining casual is the latest trend I’m seeing in Iowa City and I am loving it. 

This Fashionista was seen in a black romper, a lightweight gray cardigan, and wearing black, peep-toe booties on her way to run some errands around campus. Why so dressy for errands? Why not! The cotton romper is simple, but the little details in the threading on the chest give it just a hint of color to brighten up the black and gray of the rest of the ensemble. She could have worn a pair of flats, but the choice of heels dresses up the look without being over the top. Plus, the heels make her legs look long and lean. The loose cardigan was perfect with the romper and shoes, giving the outfit just the right amount of fabric to make it classy and appropriate for September weather.

Overall, this Fashionista’s take on what daily attire should look like is outstanding. Maybe she isn’t in the tents of the Lincoln Center, but she is making Iowa City her very own fashion show. 

Hint: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, booties are the best way to doll-up your attire for this fall. Check out DSW online to see a huge selection of great shoes and pair them with your every day wardrobe. 

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