TREND: Capes as Fall Fashion Inspiration

Every year, the thought of chic coats and cozy layers feeds the anticipation brought by the arrival of fall. However, as the season continues, Fashionistas often find themselves in need of some wardrobe inspiration. After all, a shirt, cardigan and jacket can only be layered so many ways. Enter: the fall cape. While a classic pea coat or leather jacket is always a great staple, capes are bringing a new perspective to Fashionistas’ fall ensembles. They are no longer just for superheroes or Sherlock Holmes, but are quickly becoming the go-to piece to inspire Fashionistas during times of fall wardrobe boredom.

I spotted this Fashionista strutting down Comm. Ave., donning her black fall cape. While the double-breasted front and black wool give it a classic pea coat quality, the arm slits add a modern edge. She styles it with a colorful scarf and lady-like accessories, proving that taking chances by mixing trends can result in fashion inspiration. As is apparent with our Fashionista’s outfit, the best aspect of any cape is its ability to look effortless and put-together at the same time. Plus, it keeps any Fashionista warm in the crisp fall weather—which is ultimately its purpose (although I am sure there are plenty of Fashionistas willing to sacrifice warmth for fashion).

For some chic cape options to inspire your own wardrobe, try one with a subtle plaid or herringbone pattern. You can also take advantage of the popular camel trend by donning a camel-colored cape that would make any outfit instantly chic. Or, for a more basic option, try a black military-inspired choice that is similar to our Fashionista’s. Any of these selections (and really any cape in general) can be styled with your favorite pair of fall shorts and a classic silk top for a trendy take on fall fashion.

Hint: When worn with a cape, lady-like accessories create a look that is fashionably polished and modern. Try a structured bag and shoes with chain-detailing to accessorize any trendy cape.

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