TREND: Cardigans are In Again

It doesn’t matter if it is classic, boyfriend, flowy, button-down or embellished, cardigans are an essential part of any Fashionista’s wardrobe. This Fashionista flawlessly executed the cardigan look by opting for a simple black cardigan with minor embellishment on the side. While the buckles on the side of the cardigan are a minor detail, it is in little details like these that a Fashionista’s look is made memorable. To add to this fashionista’s picture perfect look, her cardigan crosses over in a way that showcases her white tank top and adorable scarf.

The scarf is my favorite element of this outfit. The grey, pink, and turquoise flower pattern adds color to this Fashionista’s look. By adding these bold colors, this outfit is made eye catching. In fact, the trendy look on top allows this Fashionista to sport simple black leggings on the bottom. Along with her comfortable leggings, this Fashionista is also wearing a relaxed pair of black slouch boots. This combination makes this outfit perfect for class.

However, the cardigan look can also be dressed up. By pairing this cardigan with dark denim, heels, and a purse, this fashionista would be ready for a night out in Iowa City. As long as they are worn with the right accessories, cardigans work great for every occasion: class, dates, presentations, work, and more. I recommend buying scarves from Urban Outfitters to bring the cardigan look to the next level.

So fashion lovers, keep this in mind the next time you are panicking over what to wear: Cardigans are in, comfy, and easy to dress up or down – just some bold accessories and you’ll be ready for any occasion.

Hint: Get this cardigan and ones like it at Forever 21.

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