TREND: Carry Your Color

A great way to tie an outfit together is with a solid colored bag. This Fashionista demonstrates with her powder blue crossbody purse adorned with studs and lace. It picks up the blue in her dainty dress and compliments her peach blazer. Her outfit is soft and feminine but still very polished. By keeping the blazer unbuttoned she can show off the dress and not feel too constricted. Plus, her waist still looks tiny which means it’s a great-fitting and well-constructed blazer; a good pick for her petite frame!

A colored bag is a useful accessory to have in your wardrobe in general, but it’s an especially practical investment for the approaching season. I’d keep a colored bag in mind while doing your back-to-school shopping because it’s a good way to add that splash of color to outfits that are naturally turning more and more neutral as the weather gets colder. I don’t know about you, but once the vibrancy of summer fades I gravitate towards a lot of charcoal, nude, army green and black. To set off these subdued looks I like to accessorize with a bold bag! I love the look of a bright bag with a chunky knit sweater, dark pea-coat or khaki trench; keeps autumn dressing fun and young.

Hint: Topshop has way too many good options for colored bags. Violetorange, red, or mustard; they’re all beautiful and each one would be a good investment.

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