TREND: Casual Glam

There are days when you might feel like throwing on some sweatpants and a T-shirt you were awarded at your middle school soccer league championship years ago. Save the drab sweats and T-shirts for a day when creativity and motivation strikes you silly and you decide to paint your entire apartment a new bright hue. From Fashionista to Fashionista, never go out of the house looking like you just rolled out of bed – even if you are just going to the grocery store. Casual glam is an important aspect of fashion because even if you have the entire day free without the obligation of going to the office or to class; fashion should never take a day off. Casual glam means making a masterpiece out of several of your informal yet trendy pieces. 

She pairs a casual, canvas imitation skirt with black leggings and wears gray, suede flats perfect for fashion on the move. Next, she tops off her light weight gray tank with a long, black, cozy wool jacket lined with cotton. The jacket is a very simple, yet very classy touch to the overall outfit. One thing that she makes sure to have is her black leather handbag. A black bag is a must have accessory for every Fashionista because it goes with just about anything in your closet and can be brought to a barbecue, office holiday party, or a dinner date with that special someone. 

Hint: It’s not easy to pass off those comfy sweats for a skirt or some sleek skinny jeans, but remember that you could run into anyone on your day off so make sure you always dress to impress.

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