TREND: Casual Khakis

When the word “khaki” comes to mind most may automatically think of men’s trousers, but definitely not something that a girl would wear just any day. However, the norms are changing and over the summer stores such as Zara and Topshop were overflowing with a variety such of khakis. The new effortlessly chic, yet utterly comfortable khaki has been a huge hit not just worldwide, but around the GW campus as well. In just a short period of time sitting outside at the Starbucks at the library, I spotted several students sporting these khakis. They are the ideal pair of pants, especially for GW, because it seems to be that students are always trying to find just the right balance between comfort and style, thus creating a fashionable yet laid back look. This Fashionista stood out among the others in her trousers for she chose to pair them with simple, yet distinctive pieces. Her black burnout shirt, slyly worn with a black bra does not draw too much attention to her upper body, yet just the right amount. A plain black T-shirt would not have had the same effect as this one. As for her sandals, they are discreet with a pop of metallic; anything more would have been distracting the eye from the detail of the tailored waist of her pants. This Fashionista’s outfit reflects her personal style with ease through all of her relaxed pieces.

Hint: To take this look from day to night, try these Topshop trousers and throw on a pair of high-heeled booties with a fitted blouse such as this one from ASOS, accentuating more feminine features with the tailored top.

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