TREND: Casual Street Chic

I often find that the most casual of outfits tend to be the hardest to put together. When on the go, a Fashionista is forced to consider the aspect of practicality, something that (at least for me) completely goes out the window for most other occasions. When running around the city, especially this summer in the midst of the heat, it’s important to focus on comfort and function but at the same time, a true Fashionista never forgets to be chic.

This Fashionista was shopping on the streets in Tribeca when I admired her minimalist style. Her plain white t-shirt with a simple navy blue graphic matches her dark-washed cut-offs. Her perfectly worn-in tennis sneakers are a cool alternative for comfortable shoes and her oversized satchel pulls together the entire outfit as her main statement piece. This Fashionista keeps her look extremely fresh by keeping her make-up minimal and her hair loose and wavy. As a little detail, her nails are painted a bright pink for a subtle pop of color. Even with the most understated items, this Fashionista manages to look effortlessly cool. 

Hint: The best way to look casual but chic is to wear muted colors like white, black, brown, grey, tan or navy. These colors all tend to match everything, which is important to keep in mind when shopping for easy throw-ons. For a casual, yet fashionable outfit, it’s always a good idea to try incorporating one big statement piece, whether it’s a bag, scarf or piece of jewelry. In addition, for those who wish to find great bright nail polish colors for summer, Essie's  Lapis of Luxury  and OPI's Pink Flamenco are very fun shades to spice up a muted ensemble. 

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