TREND: Cat Walk Down Comm Ave.

With the coming of spring, new fresh looks seem to be on their way in. Especially with the sun shining more frequently, everyone has a lighter bounce in their step and a heavier accessory resting on the bridges of their nose. I don't know whether to accredit the warmer weather or the fiercer eyewear, but many of you out there have been walking down the street with a new attitude.  

This Fashionista keeps her look cool, calm and chic. I think the main reason for this carefree attitude is her choice in shades. The new it item this spring seems to be cat eye sunglasses, an item this Fashionista has wisely chosen to wear. Here are a few of the many styles of cat eyewear: 

1. Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses – These particular shades would create a more retro chic look. They would look great with a slimming black coat and thigh high boots. 

2. Marc Jacobs Printed Cat Eye Sunglasses – If you're looking for a more casual feel, these sunglasses also from Marc by Marc Jacobs are a fantastic way to do so.

3. Ray Ban CATS 1000 – For an even more carefree look, these Ray-Bans come in a variety of different colors which is a great way to jazz up a simple outfit. The outfit could be as simple as ripped shorts with black stockings, a loose T-shirt and combat boots. 

What adds to this Fashionista's carefree demeanor is her olive skinny jeans. They add to her cool color palette and liven up her outfit. To get a similar look, these Rock & Republic Jeans are a great way to add a bit of flair to your outfit. Although this Fashionista keeps her palette neutral with her grey scarf, wearing a brighter color might give your ensemble more variety. This Yves Saint Lauren Scarf is a comfortable, colorful, chic alternative.

Attitude is everything. And luckily, it's very easy to carry yourself with a more confidant manner. Simple ways to do this are to wear stylish shades or a nice pair of skinny jeans. So next time you're on Comm Ave, don't be afraid to bring a little attitude. 

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