TREND: Chain Reaction

Since back in the day, we have constantly been bombarded and inspired by those of celebrity status, in terms of clothing, technology, music and much more. While that has not changed throughout the decades, what the celebrities are wearing and listening to has, to say the least. Most of us Fashionistas can attest to being inspired by today's über talented singer and actress Rihanna, who, let's be honest, has an amazing style we desperately wish to emulate.

While taking an afternoon stroll under the cloudy gray sky with a close friend, my eyes caught this Fashionista as she walked oh, so casually down the hill ahead. At first glance, her style screamed "Rihanna." This Fashionista did a fabulous job incorporating a blend of trends into her overall look, that was inspired by the singer but became her own.  Her look began with an animal print top, layered by a sophisticated blazer in black, and jean shorts in a dark wash and a pair of black gladiator sandals. What stands out the most are this Fashionista's chain sunglasses, which are amazing for day or night, and are almost identical to those that Rihanna has been spotted wearing.  When it came down to her jewelry, she layered on gold bracelets, and showed her USA pride by wearing a statue of liberty ring, which is absolutely fantastic. Check out ShopStyle for some really great gold cuff bracelets to achieve a similar look.

Hint: Any time you are trying to achieve a celebrity style, add your own flare to create an even more authentic look.  

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