TREND: Chameleon on Campus

Every Fashionista needs a comfortable, yet cute outfit to get her through a long day of classes. This Fashionista found that perfect balance with her silk and cotton tee, cuffed jeans and horn-rimmed glasses. She mixes studious with stylish, and definitely gets an A!

Silk T-shirts are always appropriate; you can pair them with jeans for a casual look, or with a fitted skirt to dress it up. For school, you should aim for somewhere in between these two. To achieve this look, shoes are key. When paired with jeans, a cute pair of oxfords are the perfect shoes. It lends a sense of academia to the outfit, while still keeping up with the latest trends.

To dress it up a little more for something important, like a presentation, try throwing on a headband. One decorated with feathers or beading will not only keep your hair off your face, but also add some spunk to your outfit. If a headband isn’t your thing, try a statement necklace. However, be careful with this: make sure the necklace adds to the appeal of the outfit and isn’t distracting. If you have a bold print on your shirt, stay away from a necklace, as it will look too busy.

A silk shirt can also transition from day to night quickly; this makes going out after class so much easier. Simply change your shoes and maybe your hair, and now you are nighttime ready! So after a busy day of classes, you can relax at night without having to worry about your outfit. This makes the silk shirt the ultimate chameleon.

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