TREND: Check Mate!

So it’s the Easter holiday and the sun is still M.I.A…this can only mean one thing; Jackets, Coats and a wisp of fur. This handsome young gentleman layers up with light beiges, camels and checks to create an ‘almost Summer’ kind of look.

He layers his amazing trench coat from Vivienne Westwood, which set him back at least one month’s rent (worth every penny!) He sourced his deep-red Jacquard waistcoat from a local charity shop proving that it is still chic to mix labels with charity and the light Topman knit, in a matchable camel shade. He made his jeans himself, which feature black leather strips sewn into the front. Finally, to compliment the look he added a pair of Westwood pirate boots (still pretty much in this season…check out the current season of All Saint’s shoe collection).

This Fashionista currently interning with Todd Lynn, looks to Rick Owens and Ann Demeulemeester and the sort for his aesthetic. He also proves the everlasting theory of buying expensive basics which can be mixed and matched with highstreet, throughout the season.

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