TREND: Check Out Those Converse

Spring has finally arrived, and students can enjoy warm weather and the outdoors once again. While the spring provides us with many opportunities to get back outside and enjoy the weather, melting snow and April showers often force us to endeavor many muddy situations along the way. This being said, it’s not always practical to pull out a new pair of shoes or wedges while putting together an ensemble. There are few items that are more classic or comfortable than a pair of Converse. In 2010, the line of Chuck Taylors released by Converse and Missoni proved their collaborative efforts to hold a vast amount of success. As a result, two new designs will be released by Converse and Missoni for the spring 2011 season. Not only have the Converse-Missoni collaborative efforts created new Chuck-Taylor designs that differ extensively from those often seen in the past, but collaborative efforts like these have also led many students to seek out new creative looks for this age-old trend. This Fashionisto takes a new twist on the classic Chuck-Taylor trend. He pairs his perforated leather Chuck Taylors with a plaid button down, cuffed deep-denim jeans, a classic leather jacket, and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. His Converse are incorporated perfectly amongst his ensemble. By pairing his leather Converse with leather elsewhere in his ensemble, this Fashionisto allows his look to maintain its classic component, and his plaid button down provides just enough color to add some excitement to his overall look. The key is to incorporate a color palette throughout your entire look. Doing so will allow you to effectively modify a classic and incorporate a new and creative Chuck Taylor design amongst your ensemble.

Hint: If loud prints and colors are not your favorite, try some Chuck Taylors with a unique print or texture instead. This is a great way to modify your classic Chucks, while still keeping their color neutral and maintaining their versatility.

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