TREND: Cheers Fur the Snowpocalypse

Warning: 10-20 inches of snow.  Yes my fellow Fashionista/os, there's a snowpocalypse rolling into town. So bundle up, huddle together and come sprinkle the white winter canvas with your own style and color.  Some of you may think this winter bitterness is an excuse to step outside in dully stained hoodies and Costco brand sweatpants, but I would highly suggest reconsidering your snowpocalypse attire.  Some of you might be sick of the cold and be waiting for spring's warm thaw. But remember, there's one bright side to a snowpocalypse: the slightly high possibility of classes being cancelled and having a snow day. So let's cheer "fur" the snowpocalypse. 

Why fur you ask? In this cold, fur is your best bet for staying warm and fashionable at the same time. Take a look at this Fashionista. She stays chic in the cold with her fur scarf. No one would think such a small item would make a difference, but her scarf is the focal point of her outfit. It's the perfect seasonal accessory –  a definite must have this winter. This Michael Kors Infinity Fur Scar is a great way to stay warm and chic this winter. It would also look great with this Burberry Long Check Peacoat, similar to what this Fashionista has chosen to wear on this snowy day. Aside from the scarf and coat, this Fashionista has chosen to wear her rainboots. It's logical to wear your rainboots when it snows, but for a more classy look I would suggest these Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots. In addition to the boots, she also wears a beanie which completes her warm attire. This Urban Outfitters Beanie is a great way to do the same.

The weather is unpredictable. However you can choose to brave this storm by considering how you can out-fashion it. Whether you add layers upon layers or wear a seasonal accessory like a fur scarf, anyone can be stylish during a winter storm. So even if you get the day off, come out and dress your best. Because, any true Fashionista/o would.

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