TREND: Chic Crochet

This Fashionista does a fantastic job blending into her beautiful autumnal atmosphere. The weather is getting chillier and the sun is setting earlier and these days it is important to perfect the art of layering for outfits that transition from the warm classroom to the breezy fall evening. This chic collegiate sports an eccentric ensemble that is both effortless and functional at the same time. She is wearing a navy and white sailor-esque sweater dress, which is warm but adds that touch of feminine flair. She layers a casual dark olive jacket over the dress.

This jacket adds texture with several pockets that are sleek rather than bulky. The built-in belt around her waist prevents boxiness, adding shape to this classic jacket. She rocks a pair of comfy and cozy leggings under the dress to bring this potentially summer piece into the fall season. Her tall black patent boots blend into the leggings, which makes her legs appear miles long. The item that immediately drew my attention, though, was this Fashionista's slouchy and stylish hat.

Her knit beanie prevents frizz and flyaways that may result from the wind and keeps her ears nice and warm. The color of the hat closely matches her hair color, which I thought was a bold move. It actually looks quite nice – natural and neutral. The hat (no pun intended) is the perfect piece to top off this awesome autumn attire. This Fashionista looks creative and cool without a care in the world. The layers were clearly planned but this Fashionista exudes an air of effortlessness, which, ironically, pulls one in even more.

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