TREND: CHICago Intern Fashion

This Fashionista was determined to show her sense of fashion, even though she has a relatively strict dress code at her summer job. Through her use of color, unique items and accessories I think that she pulls off a chic intern look of which her boss would definitely approve. 

The center of this Fashionista’s outfit is her billowy chiffon top by Alice & Olivia that almost resembles a pirate's shirt. Instead of wearing the typical collared button down that would definitely be considered job appropriate she chose a more unique yet still appropriate style blouse. I encourage other Fashionistas to try and achieve a similar look, not necessarily a pirate top per say but a blouse that is more ‘you’ than a plain button down.  

A black pencil skirt, like the one on this Fashionista from BCBG, is a great alternative to stuffy black pants. I say save those for the fall and winter and show some leg while you can! A high-waisted skirt is an excellent option because it is flattering on most body types. Also, do not be afraid to veer away from the pencil skirt and try new styles. An a-line skirt or even a shift or wrap dress are great options.

The last, and often times most important, part of a Fashionista’s ensemble are the accessories that one chooses to pair with their outfit. Though accessories are very important it is key to realize that you are still at work and you need to be practical with what one should wear. This Fashionista does a fabulous job in this situation, her Tory Burch flats are sensible in case she needs to be on her feet all day. I would strongly suggest following in this Fashionista’s foot steps when it comes to shoes (no pun intended), especially if you are starting a new job and do not know what exactly will be required of you. Her headband is the next accessory that I think should be noted. Wearing a headband allows one to not constantly be distracted by having one's hair in one's face. Putting your hair back is also a good idea if you are running errands for your job around the city or town that you are in! Lastly this Fashionista’s Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo bag is an amazing bright shade of red which really makes her outfit pop. Other than just wanting to carry a beautiful purse around, a bag like this is sensible because of how much stuff can fit inside!

Overall, this Fashionista definitely passed my intern chic fashion test! Dressing while being under the rules of a dress code is not the most glamorous thing in the world but try to have fun with it!  

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