TREND: Child’s Play

Bright colors, doodles, and comfortable textures. Sound stuffy? I didn’t think so.  My ultimate summer outfit is embodied head to toe by this Fashionista. She looks ready for summer shenanigans in a comfy romper, bright neck scarf, and the most killer sneakers I’ve ever seen. This Fashionista has truly brought my childhood favorite back to looking like the coolest kid on the block.

You can’t help but feel like you're back on the playground with this Fashionistas fun play on colors and trends. The blues and greens in her romper are the perfect mix of cooling colors for a hot day downtown, while the pop of red keeps the outfit playful and fun. And then you look down and realize she is wearing the coolest, most colorful, imagination inspiring sneakers ever. While I found this Fashionista after leaving lunch downtown, I can imagine she could wear this outfit just about anywhere.

I wanted to find some key pieces that I felt represented everything fun and playful I found in this Fashionista. When searching for neck scarves I came across a case of 12 designer-inspired scarves for an unbeatable price. The assortment is great for any occasion, some with prints and some solid, pairing any with your outfit will make the perfect finishing touch. For a romper that is both fun and comfortable, with enough pattern to stand out against any scenery try this gingham strapless style. When I was scouring sites trying to find sneakers that would live up to my Fashionista's awe-inspring pair I stumbled on a website that lets you completely design your sneakers, from laces and stitching to the sole color and pattern on the canvas. After playing around a little i settled on this pair; perfect color with pattern.

So remember, Fashionistas, keep your outfits colorful and playful and you will be sure to bring some smiles no matter where you go!

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