TREND: Clark’s Desert Boots

Although the weather is hot, this Fashionisto looks very cool in the latest men’s shoe craze: Clark’s Desert Boots. This vintage-looking shoe has surpassed Vans, Converse and mandals (man sandals) in popularity and is now appearing on the paws of every hip Fashoionisto. So, boys, it’s time to toss those ratty slip-on sneakers and join the ranks of the fashionable!

Like this Fashionisto exhibits, the perfect way to wear Desert Boots is with a pair of jeans and a casual tee. For a breezy summer day, this look can’t be topped! In the fall and winter, throw a cozy cardigan over your tee; this way you can keep warm while still looking great. Clark’s Desert Boots evoke a vintage feel that will radiate through your whole outfit; unlike other shoes, they set a tone for your look. Although this Fashionisto’s V-neck is modern, it has a certain old time charm to it, thanks to the influence of the boots.

Clark’s Desert Boots come in a variety of neutral colors, such as slate grey, chocolate brown, and taupe. You can find them online at the Clark’s website, or other shoe sites such as Piperlime. Retail stores, such as Macy’s also carry these boots. Although they are a little bit pricy, remember that you get what you pay for! Doling out a little extra money will ensure quality, and allow you to wear these shoes for many years to come. Clark’s Desert Boots are classic, and will always be stylish, so invest now and look great forever.

Hint: If these boots aren't really your style, try something a bit different such as these great Timberlands!


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