TREND: Classic, Clean Lines

As Fashion Week comes to a close, my eyes have been overwhelmed with new designs, silhouettes, textures, shapes, and prints that were shown on the runway for the upcoming season. As enjoyable as it is to look at the collaboration of high-end fashion with art, some of the clothes are just that – nice to look at. High fashion is not always the most practical thing in the world to wear or afford, and this is why I am such a believer in sticking to the basics, especially in terms of menswear. 

This Fashionisto is sporting a universal look that is the epitome of classic and casual menswear. With celebrated designers who have made this clean look iconic (Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Gucci and the like), this outfit of sophistication is truly timeless and some version of it is usually shown during mens shows. Not only is it practical to visualize, but it is practical to wear on a daily basis as well. Pairing a purple button down with vertical stripes and a plain gray pant with a skinny black belt and silver buckle, the outfit is polished and stylish. The purple lines in the shirt are flattering and just the right touch of color and stays away from the overkill that would be black, yet stepping out of the box without defaulting to a stripe that merely matches the gray pant. The impeccable fit of the pants with the lighter color is the best way to keep the look casual and the black belt tops it off flawlessly. The simple black dress shoes should be a staple in any mans closet and are essential to topping off this refined look. 

Hint: To take this look to the next level, add a sports jacket that complements the pants. Add a solid silk pocket square that matches the dress shirt or button down to make even more of a statement. Try these from JoS. A. Bank. You can even wear one that doesn't match for added intrigue. Go wild. 

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