TREND: Classy Cute

There are days when even the best-dressed Fashionista/o finds her/himself in a pile of clothes pondering over what to wear. On those days, if we're lucky, we’ll step out the door content with our decision. It happens to the best of us.Then there are days we just can’t wait to step out the door in an outfit that is guaranteed to turn heads. It shows through the huge smile across our face. A good alternative to always looking good: keep it classy.

This week’s classy Fashionista is wearing a beige top from Walmart and a brown skirt from Charlotte Russe, both lightweight and in shades that compliment one another. What initially caught my eye was this Fashionita’s hair: a long, pretty braid that adds elegance to her outfit. Her black flats were also a good choice because black actually compliments brown. Now that summer is behind us, but the Arizona heat continues to reign, this Fashionista’s outfit was an excellent choice in transitioning seasons in the Southwest.

Within the past week on campus, many Fashionistas/os around ASU have been sporting pieces that are fall-friendly. The warm shades are slowing making their entrance and florals are saying their goodbyes. Classic pieces are always good options because they easily transition into the new season – your favorite plaid or striped shirt is an example.

Hint: Pitaya on Mill Avenue near Tempe campus has a great variety of fun blouses to mix and match with skirts similar to this Fashionista’s outfit.

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