TREND: Clever Combinations

Preps are abundant among GW’s campus, however I must say, I see this Fashionisto quite often and he always seems to be one notch above the rest. Whether it’s the way he pairs his white TOMS with blue chinos or layers his striped cardigan over a simple oxford, these are combinations other Fashionistos might not be so inclined to make. Chinos are a spring essential, because their lightweight material allows for maximum comfort, especially when the unbearable temperature and humidity hits and jeans are no longer even an option. Aside from the material, chinos come in a variety of colors; so, when the day is a bit sunnier and calls for a lift in mood, it can be reflected with a bright colored pair of chinos. However, his trousers were ideal for this overcast day where bright colors might not have been as appropriate. As for his cardigan, I always love a guy in a cardigan. It seems to me that it is more of a European phenomenon, and most guys here at GW seem to shy away from it. A cardigan is such an easy way to look polished while also keeping it casual. In this instance, the Fashionisto skillfully paired his cardigan with an oxford, but even a simple white T-shirt would work well underneath. This cardigan in particular is a favorite because of the striped details, with the colors varying from gray, to white, to navy blue. The Fashionisto managed to tie everything together with the cuffs of his chinos; they coordinated with his oxford and the white of his shoes, matching his cardigan and creating an easy-going yet distinctive preppy look.

Hint: Try out any of these colored chinos to create a similar look and don’t be afraid to roll up the bottom to get the same effect. Match the chinos with a simple cardigan and a white T-shirt and you’ll look suave and ready to go.

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