TREND: Color Blocked

Solid-colored separates aren’t made to be boring anymore. One of the biggest trends from spring that has definitely carried over into summer is color-blocking. The greatest part of this trend is the ability to play with the clothes you already have. The limit to color blocking is endless; from red with yellow and purple with orange, take the colors you love and wear them together. It has been a hit all over the spring 2011 runways like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and it doesn’t stop with just clothes. Designers like Chloé and Kate Spade came out strong with color blocking accessories.

I spotted this Fashionista wandering the city streets in an outfit that perfectly embodied color-blocking. She downplayed her bright yellow top with a deep red skirt, two colors that work well when worn together. She stood out in a good way and I wasn't blinded by too much color. Although color blocking allows for a mix of colors, you can always pair an outfit with neutrals like this Fashionista did. I like how she complemented the brights with neutral accessories and played with fabric at the same time. Her suede shoes contrasted the silk of her blouse to give us a elegant day time look.

I am a huge fan of this trend. Playing with fabrics and colors is one of my favorite things to do with my wardrobe this season. Personally, I like to mix colors that aren't expected to be worn together. Fashion is one of the greatest arts, so when color-blocking think of the color wheel. My favorite is to mix complimentary colors (which lie across from each other on the wheel) or analogous colors, which lie next to each other.

Hint: Color-blocking allows you to play with your wardrobe, but certain colors work best together. If you’re new to color-blocking, it’s easiest to pair a neutral separate with a bright. After you gain comfort with a single bright, the look can be taken to the next level by adding another, such as a jacket, or simply a bracelet or a bright pair of shoes. My advice to Fashionistas would be to take a risk and mix colors you wouldn’t necessarily think go together.

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