TREND: “Color Blocking”

This Fashionista's outfit exemplifies the perfect balance between standing out and looking overdone. His black blazer complements well with the other bold colors in his outfit.  The red shines a crayola red, the blue shines royally, and the gold shoes gives my camera lens the necessary contrast needed in urban lighting.  Though it may seem easy to concoct an outfit like this, color blocking is not just about putting simple pieces together from American Apparel.  It is about knowing how to use your body’s shape and skin tone to create an effortless and realistic outfit.  After all, there is a difference between looking like the hulk and looking like superman.

One advice I can give for color blocking is to think simply.  Figure out what mix of colors work best on you.  Sometimes, I find inspiration from the simplest color sets such as those used on web page schemes or even from the theme colors that my Microsoft Word document uses.  When you decide on the colors, you can then put them together however you like.  You can wear a brown woven poncho, red patent skirt, and mustard woven tights with a pair of Stella McCartney’s mesh booties.  But remember to keep the textures clean.  What flows best with different colors is the smoothness of the outfit.

What I love about color blocking is the fact that you can find such pieces of clothing at any store.  But that doesn’t mean you should overload on what you find at Kmart or AA.  [That is, your colors might run into a block!]

So good luck Fashionista/os!


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